Merv Harries

Black Belt 1st Degree
Ground Hammer Coach Merv Harries


Merv began his BJJ journey in 2007 and has competed consistently for 16-years in both gi and no gi. He was promoted to black belt in May 2019 and currently holds the rank of 1st degree black belt.


His competition highlights include:

  • IBJJF 2024 European Championship bronze - Black belt Master 4,
  • British Open champion at every belt and 2022 black belt champion,
  • English Open champion at purple, brown and black belt and 2022 black belt champion,
  • Three time -88.3kg and absolute division national masters champion - brown and black belts. Current black belt champion,
  • European Allstars 2019 -88.3kg champion and absolute (combined brown/black belt division) silver medalist - brown belt,
  • IBJJF 2018 International Masters bronze - brown belt,
  • IBJJF 2017 European bronze - purple belt.

    Off the mats, Merv served in the military for 23-years before leaving to pursue a career in the commercial sector. He has an MBA from Warwick Business School and currently works for Deloitte where he advises on Private Equity M&A transactions.