Ground Hammer Training Centre a Reorg supported academy in Hereford

GHTC - Now a Reorg Supported Academy

We are truly honoured and delighted in equal measure to announce that Ground Hammer Training Centre Hereford is now a Reorg supported academy. 


The challenges of frontline duty can leave some military and first-responder personnel facing severe mental and physical difficulties. Problems often get worse when they leave the service and no longer have the camaraderie and support of colleagues. Reorg understands that practicing martial arts and/or functional fitness can make a massive difference to people’s physical and mental health. 


The charity therefore guides both serving and veteran military and emergency services personnel who are experiencing difficulties to their network of supported academies across the breadth of the country. They fund these individuals’ ability to train with a group of like-minded people, give them a new and inclusive community, and offer them the chance to create life-changing networks and outlooks. These small steps can be a life-saver.


Here at Ground Hammer Training Centre, the community aspect of fitness and martial arts is a fundamental pillar of our approach and philosophy – we are deeply humbled to be able to support Reorg’s national and global ambition on a local and regional scale.

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