Off to a great start!

Off to a great start!

Well, it’s certainly been a wild few weeks here at Ground Hammer Training Centre HQ! Implementing our year-2 plan in month-1 was always going to be a challenge, but it has certainly been a rewarding one! Our goal from the outset has been to provide the best fitness, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) instruction, facilities, and opportunities possible – and this, wrapped into a being a force for community-good in Hereford, is what passionately drives us on. While a lot has been accomplished by our incredible team (and all of you) in a very short space of time, it is only the beginning. And so, please read on to learn more about the exciting initiatives that are still yet to come…


Firstly, while you will have already seen the superb BeaverFit rig in our fitness area, we are incredibly proud and excited to announce that we are also investing significantly into the wrestling, BJJ, and MMA matted area. Facilitated by our partners at Reorg and Tatami, we will be installing top-of-the-line mats manufactured by a market-leading brand, and while the delivery date is still to be determined, we fully expect them to be up-and-running by early in the new year at the latest!


Secondly, we are doubling down on our MMA investment and awaiting the installation of a 20-ft floor cage! When this arrives, we will be the only martial arts academy in Hereford (possibly Herefordshire, but don’t quote me on that) to have an MMA cage in its facility. Not only will this create a huge ‘wow factor’ it will also be extremely helpful for our MMA athletes as they prepare to compete. Additionally, we are also acquiring three 6-ft punch bags and another shipment of gloves and kick shields to really set the tone for the things to come!


And finally, by the end of this week, our Ground Hammer brand logo and those of our partners and sponsors will be installed pride-of-place on the walls. They will undoubtedly help set the tone for things to come and will add some welcome colour and razzamatazz to our wonderful space!


To end, we have two more things to say.


Here at Ground Hammer TC, we love a party, and Christmas seems like a great excuse to throw one (not that we need an excuse to be honest). Watch this space for the details but keep the 16th December clear in your diaries – more to follow!


Finally, we’d like to end this short note with a monumental thank you to you all – both our existing and future members. You are the reason we do this, and you are the reason we can do this, so, from all the Ground Hammer Training Centre team here in Hereford – THANK YOU!

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