Summer Update

Summer Update

Well, who'd have thought that summer would have crept up on us so quickly, and as all of our fantastic team are aware, a rolling stone gathers no moss and regardless of the hot weather the training grind has continued. 

We pride ourselves on the dedication and hard work of our athletes, and we are thrilled to celebrate the outstanding performances of our students at the British Open, ADCC British, and even an international Judo competition. One of our athletes even competed at the British Sambo Championships - talk about 'leaving the comfort zone'!! Their relentless training, skill, and unwavering determination have led to remarkable achievements, including several golds, podium finishes and outstanding personal performances. These victories are a testament to their commitment and our phenomenal team's commitment to give them a springboard to success.

Additionally, our kids BJJ classes have been absolutely rammed and have grown to a genuinely unexpected scale - we are literally moulding future Jiu-Jitsu world champions here in Hereford! A huge thank you to our indefatigable kids coach Kelzo for her effort, spirit, and patience! 

As a way to give back to our incredible community and encourage new faces to join our ranks, we are excited to announce that all students wishing to train MMA, Wrestling, and kickboxing can train for free this August - as long as you can provide proof-of-study, then you're IN! It's the perfect opportunity for newcomers to experience our state-of-the-art training environment and for existing members to ramp up their skills with like-minded souls. Join us this August, and take advantage of this fantastic offer to push your limits and be part of our thriving family.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting, our gym offers the perfect environment to reach your fitness, BJJ & MMA goals.


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