Group photo of Ground Hammer Training Centre members who attended the Gi and No Gi Bjj Seminar by Yorkshire Gripper

Yorkshire Gripper Visits Ground Hammer Training Centre

We were extremely privileged here at Ground Hammer HQ to recently host a seminar by renowned grappler, Progress Jiu-Jitsu athlete, and all round top-bloke Lloyd Cooper – “The Yorkshire Gripper”. The seminar, which focused on leg attacks and entries, showcased Lloyd’s mastery of the art and provided our students with a comprehensive understanding of techniques applicable for both gi and no-gi scenarios.

Lloyd’s systematic breakdown of each technique, coupled with his engaging and humorous delivery, made the seminar an invaluable experience for practitioners of all skill levels – feet and heels are now dangerously exposed here on the Ground Hammer mats as our athletes eagerly incorporate these new-found skills into their training.

It remains for us to thank Lloyd very much for his time, effort, and patience and look forward to the next one! You can read more about Lloyd’s BJJ journey here.

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