Hi, I’m Ben Garwood, founder of Ground Hammer Training Centre (GHTC). After serving 23 years in the military, I transitioned to run HR4K, a veteran brand committed to supporting the welfare of veterans, military personnel, and their families. My journey has been driven by a deep passion for their well-being.

When I started GHTC, I had a clear vision: to bring veterans, military, blue light services, and civilians together through fitness and wellness. I quickly realised that achieving this goal required more than just an idea—it required action, commitment, and expertise - that’s where my incredible team comes in.

Our success is evident in the positivity and transformations experienced by our members. They have not only improved their physical health but also their mental well-being since joining our community. I am incredibly proud of the team we’ve built. Their dedication to the community and commitment to delivering safe, professional coaching is unmatched.